Tiger Pop-Up

Instructions - Part 1

1: First you need to print out the pieces of the pop-up.

The pieces are provided in 'pdf' format, so that after downloading you will be able to save them onto your computer and print them out again if wish. If your browser is unable to open pdf documents, you can download a free copy of "Acrobat Reader", Adobe's PDF viewer, using the link below.

Click Here
to download the
Pop-up Pieces

For best results, print the pop-up pieces onto thin card - about playing card thickness (between 150-220gsm). If you are using thicker card, you will probably need to set your printer to the "envelope" setting. Make sure that your "page setup" is set up for A4 Portrait (upright) printing. If you are using the automatic feed on your printer, make sure that you have at least 2 sheets of A4 card in the feed tray.

2: When you have the pieces printed out, the first thing you need to do is 'score' the creases so that the pop-up can be folded easily in the right places.

You need to use something hard and pointed for scoring. I use a piece of copper wire in a clutch pencil, but you can use a nail file, an old ballpoint pen (in which the ink has run out) or even a knitting needle. It's best not to use anything too sharp, such as a knife, or the crease will tear easily.

Score carefully along the red and green dotted lines using the edge of a ruler as a guide. You need to press hard enough to make a visible dent in the paper.

3: Cut carefully along the blue lines to get the three pieces of the pop-up.

I prefer to cut the pieces out using a craft-knife on a cutting mat (as shown), but you can use scissors.

Make sure that you cut out the blue lines that run around the tiger's eyes (including the small cuts in the corners of the eyes) and across the top of the nose as well.

4. You should end up with three pieces that look like this!

Now you can begin folding in the creases. The creases are colour coded to indicate which way they should be folded. Think of the creases as being like the ridges and valleys in a mountain landscape. The red dotted lines are ridge creases (they stick up) and the green dotted lines are valley creases (they stick down).

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