Munching Monsters Game

Print out and make this monstrously cool card game featuring the pirates and sea monsters from Here Be Monsters




For 2 to 4 Players, 4 years and older

Each player is a hungry monster who wants to snatch as many pirates for their supper as they can.
Pirates are snatched by finding matching pairs.
But watch out – hidden among the pirates are some mischievous monster cards that will mess things up.

A complete set of rules are provided on the rules sheet below.


Printing Instructions

The game prints out onto 3 A4 sized sheets. It's best to print it onto card instead of paper if you can.

Click on the images below to open the PDF files.

Once you've printed out the 2 Card Fronts sheets you can turn the sheets over and put them through your printer again
to print the 2 Card Backs sheets on the opposite side. However you can still play the game without doing this.

Once you've finished printing the sheets, carefully cut them up along the dotted lines to make the playing cards.

When you've printed out the Rules Sheet you can cut and fold it to make an envelope to store your playing cards in if you want to!

card frontscard fronts card backscard backs rule sheet
Card Fronts
2 A4 sheets in one PDF
Card Backs
(Optional) 2 identical A4 sheets in one PDF to be printed on the reverse side of Cards Fronts sheets before cards are cut out.
Rule Sheet
1 A4 sheet

Argentina Denmark An Argentinian/Spanish version of this game is also available.


Here's a video I made with the two little monsters that live next door to me, showing you how to play the game.


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