Free games, puzzles, colouring pages and other activities

Board Games

Follow the stories of some
of my books with these
board games

Colouring Pages

Print out and colour
these colouring pages.

Spot the Difference

Spot the differences between
the illustrations from my books with these activity sheets


Can you find your way from start
to finish with these activity sheets.?

Word Search

Find words from some
of my books hidden in these
word search puzzle activity sheets


Crossword puzzles to test your
knowledge of some of my books.

Code Crackers

Decode the symbols
to read the hidden messages
on these activity sheets

Spot the Monsters

Can you find 10 monsters
from Here be Monsters
hidden in this activity sheet?

Misty Monsters

Create your own
Here be Monsters
creatures by drawing
in their bodies.

Tangled Tales

Match the characters
and the books from
The Princess and the Pig

Draw Ruby

Illustrator Rebecca Harry
shows how to draw
Ruby the Duckling

Pig's Spot to Spot

Draw Pig by joining
the spots

Tile Swap Puzzles

Swap the tiles to
make the illustration.

Sliding Puzzles

Slide the tiles to
reveal the image.

Make Your
Own Pop-ups!

Pop-ups that you can
print-out and make
for yourself!

Low-Ink Activity Sheets

A selection of activity sheets that require less ink to print out.