Cookbook Quiz

If you enjoyed reading 'The Conjuror's Cookbook'
stories you might like to have a go at this quiz.

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Piece of Cake

Here are some easy questions to get you going.

In 'Goblin Stew', what does the cookbook suggest you do if you don't have a cat?

In 'Serpent Soup', what did Pollapopawibble say her job was?

Jake and Granny use two magic ingredients to make 'Ghostly Goulash'; one is powdered spookweed, what is the other?

In 'Fairy Cake', what does the witching whisk look like?

Scrambled Eggs

Here's something a little harder.

The names of six characters from the series have had their letters scrambled up.
Can you unscramble them?

Move your mouse over each egg to reveal the answer.

Hard Cheese

These are getting a bit tricky.

Which one of the following is not the name of one of the goblins in 'Goblin Stew'?
Ratmasher, Molescraper, Crabfondle, Hogwasher.

Do you know what Granny's surname is?

In 'Goblin Stew', Gnatsqueezer says, 'It's just because I is smaller than them. It's all your fault!'

Why is Gnatsqueezer smaller than the other goblins and why is it Granny's fault?

In 'Serpent Soup, Granny has to rescue Delia the cat, who has fallen asleep on a high shelf in the larder. What made her go up there?

Tough Nuts

If you know the answers to all these, you must be a right clever-clogs!

Can you guess why Granny's cat is called Delia?

In 'Fairy Cake', the witching whisk is made by a company called 'Cantrip and Hexam'.

Do you know what a 'cantrip' or a 'hex' is?

In 'Ghostly Goulash', Granny cooks some 'Golem Bread'.

Do you know what a 'golem' is?

The recipe for 'Fairy Cake' requires the oven to be set to 'phoenix mark 7'.

Do you know what a 'phoenix' is and what it has to do with fire?

Have you tried the Cookbook Wordsearch?

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